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Exhibitor Packages

Empowering African Farmers with Knowledge, Technology, Insight, and Innovation for Sustainable Farming Culture

Normal Exhibitor

KSh 50,000.00

Normal Exhibitor package includes:

  1. Tent Space
  2. 1 table and 2 chairs
  3. Waste Basket
  4. Exhibitor Meal for 2 Staff
  5. Branded Event Badge with Lanyard
  6. Security during the Event
  7. Entry to the exhibition catalog and Website


Normal Exhibitor package includes:

The normal exhibitor package for the exhibition includes the following:

  1. Tent Space: A designated area for your company’s exhibition booth or display.
  2. 1 Table and 2 Chairs: Basic furniture provided for your booth setup.
  3. Waste Basket: A trash bin for waste disposal.
  4. Exhibitor Meal for 2 Staff: Meals provided for two members of your staff during the event.
  5. Branded Event Badge with Lanyard: Badges with your company’s branding and a lanyard for identification and access to the event.
  6. Security during the Event: Security personnel to ensure the safety and protection of exhibitors and attendees.
  7. Entry to the Exhibition Catalog and Website: Inclusion of your company’s profile in the exhibition catalog and website.


Normal Exhibition Profile

The exhibition is open for all companies and organizations with products or services related to the our vision to develop sustainable agriculture.

  1. Agro and Food Processing
  2. Aquaculture
  3. Agricultural Machinery & Equipment
  4. Agri Ecology
  5. Agricultural Building Contractors
  6. Machinery and Hardware
  7. Livestock Farming
  8. Irrigation and Water Technologies
  9. Biotechnology
  10. Floriculture
  11. Horticulture
  12. Aquaculture
  13. Marketing & Export/ Import Services
  14. Fertilizers & Chemicals
  15. Forklift & Handling Equipment
  16. Financial Institutions
  17. Agricultural ICT Service Providers
  18. Seeds, Nurseries & Plant Propagation Materials 
  19. Organic Agriculture
  20. Veterinary
  21. Rural Development
  22. Telecommunication
  23. Greenhouses
  24. Turnkey Projects & Knowledge
  25. Plant Protection
  26. Post Harvest Treatment
  27. Renewable Energy 
  28. Precise Agriculture
  29. Investors & Entrepreneurs
  30. Contractors, Technologists & Consultants
  31. Scientists
  32. Dealers & Distributors
  33. Trade industry
  34. Media

Company and Bank Details

The Event is Organized by Nventivecoke Limited Under its Agriculture initiative, Agriculture Culture in Africa whose main objective is to Empower Farmers and Farmers Associations by Providing Platforms for Knowledge Sharing, Digital Utilization Trainings and Sustainable Green Farming Solutions

Nventivecoke Limited is incorporated under the Companies Act, 2015. We are proud to be a 100% Youth-owned business.

Bank Details


Bank Branch: CIATA MALL

Account Name: Nventivecoke Limited

Account Number: 5358820018

Swift Code: CBAFKENY

Bank Code: 07000

Mpesa logo Normal Exhibitor Gold Partner County Agribusiness Clinics Silver Partner

MPESA Details

M-pesa Pay bill: 880100

Account Number: 5358820018


+254 703 235 252

P.O Box 14026 00800 Nairobi Kenya

Ground Floor, Double S Apartments, Kiambu Township

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