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Cereals Growers Association

Empowering African Farmers for Sustainable Farming Culture

Cereals Growers Association (CGA)

Cereals Growers Association (CGA)

Cereals Growers Association (CGA) is a national non-profit member-based farmer organization incorporated in August 1996. Its main purpose is to bring together commercial cereal farmers to promote collective action for the sustained improvement of their farming enterprises and in addressing industry challenges in Kenya.

CGA works with industry stakeholders such as government bodies, agricultural input suppliers, financial institutions, insurance companies, output buyers, development partners, Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs) and others to provide services to its members.

CGA is headquartered in Nairobi and is run on a day-to-day basis by a team of thirteen (13) office-based professionals and field extension officers distributed across twenty-four (24) counties where we are operational. These are found in all the main cereal-growing regions of Kenya and serve about 150,000 household members. The team is led by a Chief Executive Officer, who is appointed by a Board of Trustees.

Our Mission

To provide farmers with agribusiness solutions through advocacy, technology, innovations, and partnerships.

Our Vision

To be a leading agribusiness solutions provider.

What we do

CGA offers cereal farmers a functional platform; structure and linkage to business support services that grow their farming businesses and improves their livelihoods.

The foundation of CGA is within the logic that, cereal farmers working together as a unit have a higher bargaining power for favorable policy adjustments, better prices for their produce and they have the critical mass to enjoy economies of scale.

They also enjoy better access to market information, adequate on-farm storage facilities, stable producer prices as well as adequate access to credit facilities and reliable market outlets.

Contact Cereals Growers Association (CGA)

Cereal Growers Association
P.O Box 27542-00506
Mountain View Estate, Off Waiyaki Way, House No 268
Phone: 0700 222622