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Agricultural Council of Kenya

Empowering African Farmers for Sustainable Farming Culture

Agricultural Council of Kenya (AgCK)

Agricultural Council of Kenya (AgCK)

Who we are
Agricultural Council of Kenya, A sector-wide non-profit, non-political, and all-inclusive member-based organization Our overall goal is to engage and influence the agricultural-sector ‘public-policy-development’ for sustainable development outcomes, through sector policy analysis & research, public-private policy dialogue, participatory governance and capacity building in sector governance and development’s.

A highly remunerative agriculture sector to all value chain actors.

To effectively deliver progressive change in agriculture through focused, differentiated actions for an optimal consultative function

Our mandate is to advocate for an enabling agricultural sector policy environment through coordinating the differentiated actions of non-state actors for holistic transformation and growth. .

Functions and services

Institutional Strengthening of AgCK and Member Institutions

We endeavor to strengthen ourselves and our member institutions capacity to deliver services to members and articulate their value proposition. AgCK ensures that members find value by complementing on their role and addressing the gaps where they are identified through targeted interventions while giving members opportunity to link up, share experiences and work in collaboration for synergy towards holistic value chain development and agricultural sector growth by building strategic coalitions that incorporate men, women, youth, consumers and other special interest and vulnerable groups. On the other hand, AgCK’s own institutional sustainability and that of its members is premised on increased membership mobilization and organization for horizontal and vertical integration, service delivery and programmatic development interventions through mutually beneficial partnerships.

Agricultural Research, Analysis and advocacy

We conduct research and analysis on policy issues in the agriculture sector aimed at addressing micro and macroeconomic policy issues bearing on agricultural production, handling, processing and marketing; sustainability of agricultural systems and natural resources as well as the environmental issues that impact on agriculture. Through engagement of members, the Council identifies issues and gaps in the sector in need of research to inform redress strategies. The research, analysis and advocacy work formulated through AgCK’s consultative processes is delivered in collaboration with its constituent members, affiliates and partners through systematic processes which comprise of AgCK policy action node and sectoral policy nodes which are used in the multifaceted engagement process. The approach helps in understanding of the agriculture related challenges and thereafter informs development of critical resources for resolving such challenges through policy advocacy initiatives.

Agricultural  Data, Information and Knowledge Management 

We endeavor to maintain an online repository of all research materials that are applicable to our membership and the entire agricultural sector through development of the Agriculture Data and Resource Center (ADRC). The data is gathered from AgCK’s membership across the sector and aggregated into a data portal which, once launched, will provide both reliable, accurate and authoritative raw and analyzed data accessible to the public. The benefits of this ADRC include: Enabling more efficient and effective decision making through credible and authoritative references by stakeholders at all levels, from smallholder farmers to policymakers; Fostering innovations that everyone can benefit from—as a raw material for creating new services, insights, and applications; and  Driving agricultural sector change through transparency in food production chains and by openly measuring and documenting progress against targets.

Value chain development and business development services

We develop agricultural product value chains through various strategic interventions that are focused on specific value chains based on members’ needs. To effectively deliver this function, the Council undertakes value chain analysis, identifies bottlenecks, and undertakes enterprise development interventions to unlock these value chains.

Contact Agricultural Council of Kenya

Agricultural Council of Kenya

Jeda Plaza, 1st Floor, Office No. 13. Roysambu.

Lumumba Drive, Kamiti Road Junction, Off Thika Super Highway